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Invoice financing, invoice discounting or invoice factoring can free up the cash that is tied up in your debtor book that will provide your business with a cash injection. This cash injection can be used for a variety of uses but your needs for invoice finance will be personal to you and your business.

Invoice financing should be considered in the context of what it will allow your business to achieve. This should be compared against the costs of any invoice finance facility and remember to look beyond headline rates of any invoice financing company and consider total costs.

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When considering a facility it is often useful to do two sets of financial projections. One set without the invoice financing facility and another set with an invoice financing facility. It will be important to see what impact the invoice financing facility will have on the financial projections both in terms of cash flow and profit and loss. In terms of the impact of the invoice financing remember to look at the benefits of the additional working capital but also remember to include the total costs and the impact they have on your profits. In short if the forecasts with the invoice financing in place are better than the forecasts without the invoice financing in place then it is worth progressing with the facility.

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