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Invoice Finance Criteria

Invoice finance companies have different criteria for their facilities. Some will only deal with small low turnover clients while others are at the other end of the spectrum.

These companies typically have 3 basic invoice finance criteria. These criteria are:

  1. Invoices should be raised in arrears of the services or products being delivered.
  2. Only invoices that have been raised by one business to another business will be considered.
  3. Invoices should be raised on credit terms so that there is a funding gap to finance.

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As we have already mentioned these are the basic criteria that cover the invoice finance market. Beyond these each invoice finance company will have it’s own requirements in terms of:

  • Turnover. Certain invoice finance companies will target certain sized companies while others target businesses of all sizes.
  • Sector. Some invoice finance companies avoid certain sectors while others will actively target the same sector.
  • Geography (i.e. where you are based) Some invoice finance companies are regional while other invoice finance companies have a national presence.
  • The financial performance of your business. Some invoice finance companies require you are profitable with a strong net worth, while other invoice finance companies have very little concern for your financial performance.
  • Previous credit history of the business and directors. Some invoice finance companies will only consider businesses and individuals with a totally clean record while other invoice finance companies are far more lenient.

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