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Factoring will release up to 90% of the value tied in your invoices. It will also pay you up to 90% of the value of your invoices as you raise them. This can provide your business with valuable working capital.

Factoring though can differ dramatically from lender to lender. It can differ in terms of how much cash they generate, how much they charge and the quality of service. There will undoubtedly be a lender out there that is best suited to help you but as they are all sales driven all the invoice finance companies will claim to be the best. Your challenge is to find the lender that is best suited to meet your needs.

The lender best placed to meet your needs will depend on your requirement and the characteristics of your business. Lenders will always try and make your requirement fit their own criteria. It is however best to find a factoring company whose criteria match your requirements. When looking for a suitable factoring company the characteristics of your business that are important to consider are the sector you operate in, the turnover of your business, your customer base, the structure of your debtor book and also the process you use to invoice your customers.

At Invoice Finance we understand the factoring market. We know the criteria of the lenders and we can advise you what factoring deals are available for your business. We can help you optimize a facility meaning that it is structured in a way to maximize cash generation.

When looking to maximize the cash generated by a facility it is important to look well beyond the headline rates quoted by the factoring company. We will look at other potential restrictions such as facility limits, individual debtor limits, concentration or high involvement limits and export caps – all of which can have a serious impact on the funding generated. Again each lender will have very different criteria and restrictions so we can use our market knowledge to help you find the most suitable lender.

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When looking to minimize factoring costs we also look beyond the headline rates quoted by factoring companies. We analyse total costs including any hidden additional fees allowing you to make a meaningful comparison.

Our approach is really to help you make an informed decision about which factoring facility will be best for your business. We know the factoring market and you know your business so by working together we can ensure your business gets what it deserves.

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