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Invoice Finance Companies

Invoice Finance companies in the UK range from bank owned invoice finance companies such as HSBC Invoice Finance through to small family owned invoice finance companies such as Factor 21 and Silverburn.

Each invoice finance company has it’s own individual criteria and capabilities. Some invoice finance companies also have different product ranges.

Selecting the best invoice finance company to meet the needs of your business will depend on the individual characteristics of your business. Characteristics such as sector, turnover, number of debtors, invoice process, type of debtor will determine which invoice finance companies will have an appetite to assist your business. That appetite is based on each individual invoice finance company’s criteria.

Importantly you also need to understand what your needs are. What services do you want an invoice finance company to provide? By understanding which invoice finance companies have the appetite to lend to you, and by understanding what products are available from those invoice finance companies you are then aware of what your options are.

Having narrowed down your options you can then start comparing the offerings from the different invoice finance companies. I believe first and foremost you should look at whether each facility will work for your business. Consider the prepayment level, debtor limits, concentration limit and other variables that each invoice finance company is offering – will that work for your business? You also need to consider what the operational requirements are for each lender – can you provide the management accounts in the time required, can you provide the backup information that may be requested by the invoice finance company?

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If you have found the invoice finance companies that can assist you and then narrowed it down further to the invoice finance companies that can offer you the invoice finance facilities that work for you and you can operate then it is time to compare each invoice finance company in terms of price.

When comparing each offering from invoice finance companies it is important to look at total costs. Look beyond the headline rates that can be misleading and consider what additional costs can be levied by an invoice finance company. Each invoice finance company should be in a position to provide you with a list of the additional charges. Some invoice finance companies levy additional charges that include audit fees, refactoring fees, trust account fees, minimum base rates, minimum service fees, etc..

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