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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting can provide up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices.

An invoice discounting facility not only provides you with a valuable source of working capital it also allows you to maintain control of your credit control.

As a form of invoice finance, invoice discounting is often preferred as it can be confidential meaning that your customers are unaware of the involvement of a lender. As there are no additional credit control services included invoice discounting is often the cheapest.

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Invoice discounting is harder to obtain than a factoring facility. Invoice discounting was traditionally reserved for larger, well established businesses. However, we have access to a number of lenders with more relaxed requirements and as such we can help you find the most suitable facility for your business.

Invoice Discounting Quotes

If you are looking for a free no obligation invoice discounting quotes why not fill in our online invoice discounting quotes form. Using the unique information from your business we can offer you a quick and easy invoice discounting quote.

At Invoice Finance we use the whole market of lenders to ensure we get you the facility that you want. Not only will we secure the most competitive invoice discounting quotes we will work with you to optimise your invoice discounting facility. This means we will ensure your facility is not restricted and that cash generation is maximised.

We will also work to minimise the costs involved in your invoice discounting facility. We do this by ensuring you have the most competitive pricing structure. We look well beyond the headline rates that can be misleading and we analyse total costs.

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When working with you find a suitable invoice discounting facility, Invoice Finance aim to help you make an informed decision to benefit your company. There is no ‘hard sell’ and we accept that one of your options is to do nothing.

Why not try our free online invoice discounting quote form? In three easy steps you we can help fund you the right invoice finance solution for you and your business.

Alternatively, email us on and talk to one of our experts.

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