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& Invoice Factoring Company is a website aimed at assisting business owners with sourcing the most suitable form of finance for their business. That means sourcing both the right type of invoice finance and also the best suited lender.

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Invoice Finance is a broad term that covers invoice factoring, invoice discounting and ABL (Asset Based Lending). Within the market there are also various hybrid products that have their own unique benefits.

Variety within the invoice finance market is a good thing as it provides business owners with choice. However, it also complicates matters and can make it confusing for business owners when they are sourcing a suitable invoice finance facility.

Invoice Finance providers have their own product offerings and some can use different names for the same product. To make matters more confusing the same product from different invoice finance providers can be a very different proposition. Each invoice finance provider has their own bespoke invoice finance criteria and capabilities which compounds the potential confusion.

The good news is that all this means that there is an invoice finance provider out there who is best suited to providing an invoice finance solution for your business. The challenge is finding that lender. Fortunately the team at is here to help you.

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  • Free, independent and impartial advice about your invoice finance choices
  • We can save you both time and money
  • A team with decades of invoice finance market experience at your disposal
  • A single point of contact provides access to the whole invoice finance market
  • We will provide a full comparison of available quotes showing all hidden costs and an explanation of the specific invoice finance facility
  • Whatever challenge you face in sourcing an invoice finance facility we will have almost certainly seen it before

Invoice Finance Approach

In short we do not believe in the hard sell. We believe only you can decide what is best for your business. Our role is to fully explain what your options are so that you can make an informed decision about which invoice finance facility is best placed to meet your needs.

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