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Invoice Finance can be a valuable source of working capital for businesses if the right invoice finance facility is put in place by the invoice finance company best placed to meet the needs of your business. The key really is in choosing the right invoice finance facility from the right invoice finance company. This is where we can help.

Invoice Finance can provide you with up to 90% of the gross value of your debtor book. The invoice finance company will also release 90% of the gross value of each invoice that you raise on an ongoing basis. This smoothes your cashflow and allows you to pay your employees and suppliers in a timely manner.

Invoice Finance is usually provided by way of either a factoring or invoice discounting facility. The main difference is that invoice discounting allows the business owner to retain control of the credit management whereas invoice factoring allows the business owner to outsource the credit control. However there are also various hybrid products that allow clients to achieve their main objectives.

Importantly the same invoice finance facility from different invoice finance lenders can be a very different proposition. It is also important to remember that different lenders have different products and their may be a particular product or lender that best meets your needs. aims to help business owners find both the right invoice finance provider and the right invoice finance facility. Our knowledge of the market can help you navigate your way through the invoice finance market quickly and effectively – saving you time and saving you money.

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