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About Us is run and managed by industry experts. Our directors have decades of experience both within the invoice finance industry but also as users of invoice finance in various SME’s in the real world. This experience allows us to empathise with business owners and importantly it allows us to understand the challenges faced.

Invoice Finance is all that we do!! We are totally committed to helping business owners source both the right type of invoice finance facility but also the right invoice finance provider. As invoice finance specialists we are able to monitor the invoice finance market and understand the capabilities and criteria of each lender. By understanding your needs and what the invoice finance market can offer we can save you both time and money by obtaining the right facility for you.

Each invoice finance lender in the market has different criteria and it is important to understand how this can impact on you as a potential client.


Our Approach

We aim to help you make an informed decision based on what options are available to you. We do not sell you anything we simply set out your options and enable you to understand the pros and cons of each. We want you to understand the total costs involved, your own personal responsibilities and how the facility operates.

We arm you with this information and allow you to make a decision based on facts. That decision may be to not take up an invoice finance facility, it may be to stay with your current invoice finance company or you may take up our recommendation.

We believe that only you can decide what is best for your business!!

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