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Invoice Discounting Criteria

Invoice discounting can be hard to access as lenders prefer to offer factoring facilities. This is because factoring reduces their risk and increases their income.

At Invoice Finance we can work with you to explain the criteria for invoice discounting and we can help you to improve your chances of securing an invoice discounting facility.

The typical criteria for invoice discounting are:

  • A business selling to other businesses.
  • Invoices should be raised on credit terms.
  • Invoices should be raised in arrears of the product or service being delivered.
  • There should be an audit trail proving that services or products have been delivered.
  • The business should have suitable processes and resources in place to effectively conduct the credit control process.

Invoice discounting facilities are usually reliant on your business having a reasonable net worth, profitable trading record and systems in place to collect outstanding invoices.

The systems to collect in outstanding invoices should include monthly statements at month end, letters sent out on due date and the telephone chasing of overdue debt.

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